Cybercrime Investigations

Here's the truth: cybercrimes can be investigated and solved. Even sophisticated cybercriminals can be caught. We can and must improve our collective investigative response because this crime is rampant, and the law is starting to require investigative action. Cybercrime is different from other crimes in many ways, and investigators come from all sectors, backgrounds and job titles. All cybercrime can and should be investigated, and this book shows how and why.

This book was written to help you, your organization, and the next generations of cybercrime investigators take action against cybercrime.

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The book's approach

This book provides a comprehensive view of cybercrime and how to investigate it, giving any investigator the knowledge and tools to work on these cases. It recognizes that to fight cybercrime effectively, we need trained investigators who understand the broad implications and investigative avenues of this crime. Many individuals, with a diverse array of experience and expertise, conduct different aspects of a cybercrime investigation. Others might be responsible for decisions about what resources and priorities to allocate to the investigation. This book is for everyone, not just for "techies" or for those with the title of "investigator".
To provide this vital knowledge and practical investigative information, the book covers all aspects of cybercrime investigation, as outlined here.