Our Story

We are former cybercrime prosecutors who know this topic well and write in a clear, informative, practical, and entertaining manner. We wrote this book to encourage and empower people from all sectors and backgrounds to work on cybercrime investigations.

Our work involving cybercrime began when we served together as Assistant District Attorneys at the New York County District Attorney’s Office (DANY), hired by the legendary Robert Morgenthau. We investigated and prosecuted a wide variety of criminal offenses, including cybercrime and identity theft. Antonia founded and led the Identity Theft Unit (since renamed the Cybercrime and Identity Theft Bureau), recruiting John as an early member. We gained considerable experience, including by working together on a groundbreaking cybercrime and virtual currency money laundering case of national and international scope -- which is a thread case discussed throughout the book. We learned a lot, including how better cybercrime investigation can make a difference.

Our time at the DA's office eventually came to end, but we have continued to serve the public and private sectors. Now we bring our knowledge and expertise to you though this book. This has been a tremendous labor of love, we got help from a variety of  experts, and are excited to bring this information to you in a friendly and accessible manner.

The Authors

John Bandler

John Bandler

Lawyer, consultant, author, speaker, teacher. Helping a broad array of organizations and individuals with today's risks. Former Manhattan ADA, investigated and prosecuted all manner of offenses, including cybercrime, identity theft, money laundering, and street crime. Former New York State Trooper.

Antonia Merzon

Lawyer, consultant, author, speaker. Former Manhattan ADA and Unit Chief. Founded and led the Identity Theft Unit (since renamed the Cybercrime and Identity Theft Bureau) which brought groundbreaking cases. Expert in best practices.