Speaking, Training, and Services

This book provides the foundation for a variety of training and educational modules

For select groups, we can provide the rest.

Topics include

  • Basic cybercrime investigation
  • Legal foundations
  • Laws surrounding cybercrime investigation (public sector and private sector)
  • Identification (attribution) of cyber conduct
  • Collecting evidence
  • Investigation and analysis
  • Presenting evidence in court
  • Cyber-intelligence
  • see our coursebook page for more details

Speaking and training can be customized for a variety of needs, audiences, and applications, including:

  • People
    • Attorneys
    • Analysts
    • Law enforcement investigators, detectives, and police
    • Private sector investigators and consultants
  • Sectors
    • Public
    • Private
    • Legal
    • Government
    • Law enforcement
    • Regulators
    • Non-profit
    • Military

Services can be customized to organization and need. We offer services for prosecutor’s offices relating to both cybersecurity and cybercrime investigation capacity building.

Please contact us for additional details.